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I was looking through my traffic logs and it looks like some people are finding me while trying to find intersex information or community.  I don’t exactly focus my postings that way.  I’m more about the “Hey, you know that letter I you sometimes see after LGBT?  That’s me, I’m real, I do exist.”  I know I’m not the only intersexed person on tumblr (I’m not going to out anyone) but as far as I know I’m the only one waving a flag and talking about it.

I don’t know what are good forums to connect to community.  Of some of them I’ve read, they are either heavily medical, or really confused people trying to write off intersex as the reason for their feelings.*

Here are some blogs I keep up with:

Full-Frontal Activism: Intersex and Awesome
Claudia is out of the country and can’t write so much as usual but will be back in a month.

Intersex and the City
I know almost nothing about this blogger, but it’s always a good read.

The Intersex Roadshow
I know very little about Luminis either, but it’s also a good read.

I don’t read Intersex News because it can be kind of a downer and I’ve got enough that I’m dealing with already.  OII and ISNA have resources for you also.

There are some common themes among intersex blogs:

  1. We exist.  Deal with it.
  2. Stop messing with us as children.  A lot of us would like to see a lot of doctors in jail for sexual assault.**
  3. Stop messing with us as adults.  Unless our healthcare at the moment directly relates to what’s in our pants, it’s not a topic of discussion.
  4. We’re not disordered.  Some of us are just fine as nature made us.

* I hate reading that stuff.  It’s all “I look/feel unusual.  I must have Klinefelter’s syndrome” which is really no different than “I’m bad at math.  I must have Down syndrome.”

** I was watching TV a couple days ago and a couple couldn’t have a baby.  When the doctor picked up a speculum I had a small panic attack.  Thanks, doctors.

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