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Cisgender News


 Finding the cisgender angle in the latest news stories

This is AMAZING. Cis journalists tend to point out completely irrelevant details when writing about trans people; this blog gives the same treatment to cis people, showing how ridiculous it is.


"Rebekah Brooks - as she started to call herself following a second marriage - courted power but avoided publicity.  She started receiving female hormones via her ovaries during her first puberty, and intends to continue with them."

"Smith, who never transitioned and has non-surgically altered genitals similar to those of a pre-operative trans woman, is normally seen on screens but appeared in person on Friday."

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Interviewing an Open Minded Person (by ClosetTransgender)

This is one of the videos where Forest interviews cis friends about their views on transgender issues, why they feel that way, and about their own gender identities.

I like how he turns around the usual situation where trans people are the constant object of questions, and the only ones asked to explain their genders. Here’s are two fragments:

Forest: “Do you think of me as a normal male friend, or is there something a little different? How would you explain that?”

Friend: “Hmm, that’s an interesting question. Well, my male friends have a range of maleness. I don’t know if there really is such a thing as a normal… I definitely think of you as one of the guys.” (…)

Friend (when asked about his own gender): “In our culture, we’re given a model of masculinity that’s often unhealthy… So it’s an interesting balance between rejecting the bad parts of the male story but also loving myself as a man, accepting myself as a man; being in touch with the good things about being a man and really embracing that.”

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